Where to use - Foxis Technology

Technology which we invented - Foxis technology - has a very wide field of use for home use or commercial use due its unique technique, structure and used materials - copper. The main usage of our technology is in these sections:

  1. Deaerators - removing unwanted oxygen and other gases from the water
  2. Home heating - we are producing our own heating radiators for whatever usage:
    • Wall mounted radiators - we are offering three types of wall mounted radiators:
      • FOX PANEL - standard wall mounted panel - elegant wall mounted heaters, various decorations, made in multiple dimensions or by your custom order, you can choose between hot water or electric version
      • FOXTER - rounded wall mounted heater - wall mounted designed heating, front cover made made of bendable plywood, steel framework, installation directly to the wall, unique dust-free all-copper FOXIS wire exchanger, elegant and safe rounded shapes, easy to maintain, hot water or electric variant
      • FOX VERTICAL - elegant vertical heatings - various decors, made to order or standardized dimensions, hot water or electric variant
    • FOX STEP - heating step - you can walk on it, 54 standardized dimensions or we are able to made it on purpose and your needs, height from 90 mm to 300 mm, you can choose hot water or electric variant, easy to clean, easy to install on a finished floor
      • FOX BOX Heating Benches - heating which suits your interior, elegant heating bench, 54 standardized dimensions or made to order, easy and clean installation on a finalized floor
      • FOX CASE Heating Benches - standalone steel framework, installed directly on the floor, safe rounded elegant shapes, possible variants with a fan, length from 700mm to 2500mm
      • FOX CASEWOOD Heating Benches - heating which suits your interior, elegant round-shaped heating bench, 54 standardized dimensions or made to order, hot water or electric version, easy and clean installation on a finalized floor
      • FOX MIKRO – Miniature Heating Benches - small dimensions, effective accessory to floor heating, steel framework, easy and clean installation on a finalized floor, prevent the cold air from getting in, electric and hot water variant
    • FOX SILENT Floor Convector - suspended floor convector without the need of concreting, not transferring the noise, made to order, easy, clean and money-saving solution, protected by a patent, plastic pan, easy to clean and adjust, suitable for humid environments, sound-proof 12V fans, optimized automated convection, elegant walkway ROLLS grille, optional hot-water and electric version
    • ROLLS Walkway Grilles - perfectly adaptable to the interior – a huge number of variants and designs, easy cleaning, easy plate replacement, modern design – dozens of wooden decors (only for larger orders – consultation required), easy to maintain
  3. Public areas heating - heating for a public areas and rooms:
    • Heating of Church Pews - turbulent heating, fastest and easiest system which only heats in the area of pews, using unique features of the FOXIS exchangers, heat is spread around by emition of 360° and only minimum of heat escapes by convection above pews, convection and emition are combined, pleasant heat fills the space between pews – like a bath with warm water, the surface temperature of the heater does not exceed 80°C, thus there is no dust burning, electric or hot-water version
    • FOX AIR PANEL – Heating with Heat Recovery - without any interventions into the original facade, without air conditioning wiring, heat recovery and heating at the same time, possible to be connected to an existing heating system, controlled ventilation based on CO2 concentration, balanced ventilation of rooms